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Sweet Bell Pepper Salad

Make this refreshing sweet bell pepper salad as an easy weeknight side. With onions, fennel, and feta cheese, eating the rainbow never tasted so good!
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I?m a big fan of salads that don?t actually have lettuce. Fresh tender vegetables with a good homemade (or store bought) dressing are the perfect accompaniment to summer entrees. They take little thought and are ready in a few minutes.
Asparagus and tomato salad, cucumber and tomato salad, and cauliflower tabbouleh are just a few simple salads we enjoy throughout the year. But this colorful bell pepper salad is a family favorite. It?s easy to make, pretty on the plate, and very customizable.

Colorful Bell Pepper Salad I always have an assortment of colorful bell peppers in the fridge because they are great for stuffing and snacking. Stuffed peppers are a dinner staple at my house. And who can pass up a vegetable tray with sliced bell peppers served alongside a cool creamy dip"
Bell peppers are low in carbs and a great choice for low carb and ketogenic diets. Packed with nutrition, grabbing a bell pepper to snack on instead of a sugary piece of fruit is a healthy choice.

This refreshing sweet and crunchy bell pepper salad has saved dinner many times. The bright colors are uplifting and the flavors compliment grilled chicken, beef, and fish. Try serving it with chicken kebabs or grilled beef fajitas.
Customize A Bell Pepper Salad ...
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