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Marinated Feta Cheese Appetizer

Marinated feta cheese with fresh herbs and olive oil is an easy appetizer to serve for entertaining. This marinated cheese also makes a lovely hostess gift.

Is there anything better than cheese" Not to me, especially when we?re talking about salty, tangy feta cheese drippy with herb infused olive oil like this marinated feta cheese. 
You may be thinking to yourself, ?But, Kim, wait a second. What is marinated feta cheese" I?ve never heard of it.? Prepare yourself to be amazed at the simplicity of this appetizer recipe…
Marinated feta cheese is cubed cheeses mixed with olive oil and a combination of herbs and spices. That’s it. As it sits, the herbs infuse the olive oil with flavor, which soaks into every nook and cranny of the feta cheese. In fact, the nooks and crannies in feta are part of the reason why I love using feta for marinated cheese. The texture really allows the oil to cling to the cheese?s surface nicely. And, it’s super delicious. If you?re wondering how to make marinated feta cheese and thinking it might be hard, breathe a sigh of relief. Making this marinated feta is easy and only takes a few steps.

Wash and dry the herbs (rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, marjoram, basil)
Bruise the herbs to encourage them to release their flavors
Zest a lemon
Cube the feta cheese
Layer the ingredients in a bowl, zip-bag, or jar
Cover with olive oil (use less if marinating in a bag)

To bruise the herbs, gently tap with the back of a chef?s kn...
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