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Keto Cottage Pie (Shepherd’s Pie)

A healthier cottage pie recipe made with lean ground beef & low carb root vegetables in a rich brown gravy topped with cheesy cauliflower mashed potatoes.

Looking for something that will warm you up from the inside" Cottage pie. Wondering what you can make with a package of ground beef and vege" Make cottage pie. Want to prepare a dinner your family will gobble up and thank you for" This cottage pie recipe will do it and it?s low carb to boot!

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KETO COTTAGE PIE TLDR: Use low carb root vegetables, thicken cottage pie with xanthan gum and tomato paste, make low carb cottage pie with mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes.
Like a good low carb beef stew, cottage pie is a comfort food winner. There?s a reason it?s called comfort food, my friends. Each bite tastes like ?coming home? and feels like a hug for the soul. The small amount of extra hands-on and cooking time are absolutely worth it when this comes out of the oven beautifully browned and bubbly. 

I made this delicious keto cottage pie with mashed cauliflower several times the last month. Each time the family fought over who would have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Although the gravy has no flour, it has a rich taste and heartiness that satisfies. And you won?t miss the potatoes because the mashed cauliflower topping is even better. 

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