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Homemade Sloppy Joe Hot Pockets (keto hot pockets)

Hearty homemade hot pockets with a tangy-sweet sloppy Joe filling and an easy-to-make keto mozzarella dough (fathead dough) will have you saying WOW!
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What’s my new favorite dinner" Hot pockets stuffed with my delicious homemade sloppy Joe filling recipe. I can not get enough of this delicious hearty meal and neither can my family!
Next time you make sloppy Joes, double the filling set it aside (freeze it) so you can make these bad boys in minutes. You won’t be disappointed.

Homemade Hot Pockets with Sloppy Joe Filling (keto!)
The ever popular hot pocket is an American version of savory hand pies. Meat pies, pasties, samosas, calzones, strombolis and empanadas are common hand pie (hot pocket) varieties found in ethnic communities across the United States. And they are all delicious!
What is a hot pocket (hand pie)
Hot pockets (or hand pies) were developed to fill the need for portable meals or snacks that could be eaten in-hand while on-the-go. They can be fried or baked (baked versions are easier for home cooks) and filled with almost anything.
In America, the name hand pie brings to mind a fried dough pocket with a sweet filling (think, Mcdonald’s apple pie or Pop Tarts). While the words hot pocket conjure an image of a popular processed convenience food item found in the frozen section of the grocery.
Ham and cheese hot pockets and pizza pockets are very popular, but my new favorite is a good homemade sloppy...
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