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Herb Crusted Eye Round Roast Beef

A tender eye round roast beef with an herb crust makes for a lovely Sunday dinner. This keto roast recipe serves a crowd, making it a perfect main dish for entertaining.

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Growing up we had Sunday dinners at my Nana?s house. One of my favorite Sunday dinners was her roast beef. Her cut of choice was always eye round roast, which she served with green beans and boiled new potatoes. She made the best Sunday roasts; it?s a tradition I like to honor as often as possible.

Beef is a comfort food for this Texas transplant. And I enjoy making it all kinds of ways like slow cooker Mississippi roast or vegetable beef soup. Low carb Italian meatballs or homemade sloppy Joe?s remind me of mom, and mom?s hamburger stroganoff was a favorite meal growing up. To me these all say comfort, but nothing says ?gathering? like a nice roast beef.
Why eye round roast beef"
While I love to prepare and serve a whole beef tenderloin, it?s an expensive cut of meat; one not everyone can afford. Comparatively, eye of round roast, which looks like a tenderloin, is an inexpensive and flavorful cut that’s perfect for roasting.
Two of the most popular cuts of meat for roast beef are chuck roast and eye round roast. According to Ask John the Butcher, chuck roast comes from the shoulder. Because of this it is a bit fattier and full of connective tissues. Chuck likes to be cooked ...
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