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Cod with mango and gulas

You already know that we have always liked the combination of sweet and salty flavors, and this one in particular is delicious. You can present it with or without bread, how do you prefer it"
Ingredients for 10 pcs:- 1 cod loin- 1 mango- 3.5 oz of gulas- 1/2 clove of garlic- 1 chilli pepper- Olive oil
Recipe:- In a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, sauté the cod loin until it is at its point (it will melt into flakes).- Peel the mango and cut it into rectangular strips approximately one cm wide.- In another pan with a few drops of oil, sauté the mango until golden on all sides equally.- Peel the garlic and cut into thin slices.- In a third pan, sauté with a little oil the garlic and chilli until the garlic is golden brown.- Add the gulas and fry a few more minutes to catch the taste of garlic.- Cut the cod about the same size as you cut the mango.- Serve the cod, on top of a mango strip and on top of it a handful of gulas.
Bon appétit!

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