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Baked Cardamom Ricotta Cheesecake with Western Union for Mother?s Day

This post is brought to you by Western Union. All opinions expressed in this post as always are entirely my own.
Mother?s Day every year is a walk down memory lane. Precious moments from childhood, the countless times Mum put us first in her life, her persistent encouragement through all these years and the lessons that she taught us for life. Some of my fondest memories growing up were when I would watch her in the kitchen cook with deft and skill with a handful of ingredients and turn them into a delicious 5 course meal. She was (still is) a clever cook, always ready with some useful tip or trick up her sleeve. ?Cooking doesn?t have to be cumbersome.? she would say whilst entertaining a large number of guests every weekend who were always in awe of her. The most important culinary lesson I?ve learnt from her that I embrace all the time in my kitchen- simple ingredients and lots of colour. Today Mum is far away back in India but I feel closer to her by recreating her ?sondesh? with a modern touch to it for my little boys.
I?m absolutely delighted to be partnering with Western Union for this very special day. As a result of moving money across 200+ countries, Western Union?s customers are incredibly diverse-just like the world we live in and the food we eat.

One of the simplest ways that we can appreciate and express cultural diversity is by sharing food. Meals are much more than food on a plate. They are ways we can find common ground. The comfort that comes with a deli...
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