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Vegan Recipe and Snack Ideas for Camp and Travel

An OSG reader, Rebecca, asked me if I could recommend some cooler-friendly Oh She Glows recipes she could take on the road for an upcoming camping trip. This question has been a popular one over the years, so I thought the long weekend would be a great excuse to brainstorm a list of camp- and travel-friendly foods to inspire you!
In my early twenties, I would ?camp? (I use that term lightly!) pretty regularly, but the food my friends and I packed in those days was a little different from what I stock my cooler with today. Okay, A LOT different! Lol. Back then, as long as I had potato chips and fruity coolers, I was a ?happy camper?! Oh to be 21 again. Don?t worry, though, I?ve accumulated a few years of wisdom since then. I consulted OSG?s recipe tester Nicole to help put this post together as she often travels with my recipes in tow. I think the two of us have come up with some fun ideas for you! As always, please feel free to chime in with your tips and tricks too. The recipes below can all be made in advance, and many of them also tend to keep well in minimal storage without too much fuss. At the bottom of this post I also recommend some tasty store-bought options for when you don?t have time to make everything you might have hoped to for a trip…because if you?re anything like me, you?ll probably find yourself scrambling at the last minute to get everything ready!
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I love making pre-portioned single servings of dry Vegan Overnight...
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