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Summer Succotash

Summer Succotash is a wonderful southern side full of corn, lima beans, and bacon with lots of vibrant colors.

Invented by Native Americans, the ingredients can vary.
Succotash is one of those quintessential southern sides. But it sometimes gets a bad rap and it does have a tendency to be a bland, flavorless mix of veggies. But not this succotash.
Corn and lima beans are the two primaryingredients in succotash, the supporting players vary from recipe to recipe. Feel free to get creative and play a little with the ingredients. I’ve seen Succotashes made with fava beans, black-eyed peas, or edamame. But I do love the typical lima bean. And why oh why do I always forget how much I love lima beans" They’re such a neglected vegetable.  

You can use frozen or fresh lima beans. I’ve used frozen because I never, ever have fresh limas, plus I hear they are a pain to shell. The important thing is to use fresh corn. There’s almost nothing better than fresh, summer corn.
I put okra in my succotash because I jump on any opportunity to eat okra and it pairs really well with lima beans and corn. Sub zucchini for the okra if you object to okra’s sliminess. I won’t hold it against you.
I’ve also added roasted red pepper (mainly because I had a half-empty jar to use up) and some Parmesan cheese to add a little depth of flavor. But you could totally leave these ingredients out. Or you could use diced fresh red pepper which i...
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