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Simple Gluten Free Coconut Pound Cake Recipe

Super simple Gluten Free Coconut Pound Cake is a coconut lover’s dessert! This pound cake recipe is dense, moist, and tender. Pound Cake is a great dessert of any occasion.

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This may not be the best recipe to make right now due to the shortages with dairy products and eggs. But let me tell you, it’s worth using your stash. There’s something about cake that makes every situation a little bit better and this gluten free coconut pound cake is no exception.

Of course, if you don’t want to make this cake now, you can always pin it to save for later. It would be perfect to serve at Easter. That is, if Easter isn’t cancelled ? What You Need To Know About this Bundt Cake Recipe:
This recipe is forgiving! I totally screwed this cake up when I started baking it for the photo shoot. So if you follow the directions in the recipe, you’ll get a tighter crumb more reminiscent of pound cake.
I was super distracted when I made this cake – the kids are home, I’ve been trying to fit in their schoolwork between recipe testing, photo shoots, and all the backend work associated with running a blog, general stress and anxiety due to all of the uncertainty, etc.
You know the drill. We’re all in the trenches tog...
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