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Quinoa Pancakes

photo by VK Rees

Makes 8 pancakes

I put this recipe on Instagram awhile ago so maybe you’ve already made them and know that they are AWESOME! The only reason I put quinoa in my pancakes is for the crunch. Not for the extra protein, I get plenty of that elsewhere, and not just to level up my vegan, I?m already level 10. The crunch just gives me life. It also makes the pancakes so very pretty. The quinoa should be cooked al dente for the best experience. And I like red quinoa for the prettiest contrast. First make sure your quinoa is cooked according to package directions and then fully cooled.Maybe do that the night before so you’re ready to go in the morning" Wow, you planned that well. This recipe is from I Can Cook Vegan.

~ To cool quinoa quickly without overcooking it, spread onto a baking sheet and place in the refrigerator.

~ Don?t use an electric mixer for the batter. Overmixed pancakes tend to result in a dense pancake. I use a dinner fork to get everything mixed.

~ You have to let the batter rest for ten minutes or so. The vinegar and the baking powder need to react with each other and the gluten needs to settle in and rest.

~Don?t crowd the pan. Even in my big cast iron, I don?t make more than two pancakes at once.

~ Don?t use too much oil in the pan. It will result in a tough exterior. A very thin layer of oil is what you want and a spray can of organic coconut oil works perfectly for this.

~ Preheat the pan for ...
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