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Easy Chicken Hummus Bowl

This easy Mediterranean Chicken Hummus Bowl is so simple to prepare and comes together in 15 minutes or less! It’s a powerhouse meal packed with flavor, protein and colorful veggies! They are totally customizable and perfect for meal prep, healthy lunches and easy dinners!

Updated:This post was originally published in January 2019. I made updates to the post below to include more information about Mediterranean hummus. Plus, I added step-by-step photos and a recipe video to show you how easy this hummus bowl recipe is to make!
Hi, friends!! Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holiday season was merry and bright! Now the festivities are over; and the heavy, cheesy, carb-laden foods are officially in our rearview mirror. So, who’s ready for all the healthy eats and nourishing noms"!" Hopefully you just raised your hand! Because, I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite meal! It packs all the things yummy and nutritious! Plus, it just so happens to be delicious! Cue the drum roll please!

These hummus bowls are bursting with flavor, super satisfying, incredibly nutritious and loaded with comforting, delicious ingredients! Essentially, they are jam packed with goodness and will totally make you look at hummus in a brand new light!
Easy Mediterranean Chicken Hummus Bowl
A delicious bed of creamy, smooth hummus is piled high with tender chicken tossed in a tangy, herbaceous, slightly sweet Mediterranean vinaigrette and generously topped with ...
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