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Easy Black Bean Tacos

This easy Black Bean Tacos recipe is simple and fuss-free to prepare, yet packed with bold flavor!  Made with convenient canned black beans, fresh vegetables, savory seasonings and a sweet corn salsa, these tacos are filled with hearty, yet wholesome ingredients!  These healthy tacos may be vegetarian, but you won’t miss the meat at all!  Ready in 25 minutes or less, they make the perfect fast and flavorful meal for hectic weeknight dinners!

Easy Black Bean Tacos Recipe
Savory canned black beans cooked to tender perfection and transformed into a thick, flavorful, Mexican-inspired taco filling!  Studded with pungent onions, mild jalapenos, sweet bell peppers, fragrant garlic and flavorful dried seasonings, this black bean filling is hearty, yet healthy!  Finished with a generous squeeze of fresh, tart lime juice and herbaceous cilantro these beans are so dang delicious you won’t miss the meat at all!! Paired with a fresh and flavorful sweet corn salsa, these tacos are bold, flavorful and made with good-for-you ingredients!
Given how flavorful and delicious these beans are, you would think they require a plethora of specialty ingredients and hours of slaving away over the stove.  However, these Mexican beans are prepared with convenient canned black beans, fresh vegetables and pantry staples.  Plus, they can be ready to serve in 25 minutes or less!
Bonus, the beans taste even better the next day, once the flavors have a chance to meld and marry!  You can transfor...
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