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Baked Salt & Vinegar Chicken Wings

These crispy, baked salt & vinegar chicken wings have all the flavors found in your favorite chips!  Salty, tangy and finger lickin? good, these wings are craveworthy and impossible to resist! 

Updated:  This post was originally published in January 2015.  I took new photos and updated the post below to include more information about crispy chicken wings.  I also tweaked the recipe to perfection, and added step by step photos plus a recipe video to show you how quick and easy these potato chip inspired wings are to make!
Growing up I had a serious obsession with salt and vinegar chips.  What’s not to love about those salty, tangy, lip-puckeringly delicious crispy chips"  Kettle cooked, baked, fried, with ridges, without ridges, wavy-cut, thick cut, thin cut, stacked nice and neat, broken and strewn about – it didn?t matter to me, I loved them all.  Basically, I was the Bubba Gump of salt and vinegar chips. Now that I?m older, I try my hardest to practice a little self-restraint, but I will always have a special place in my heart for salt and vinegar chips.
Recently I have been craving the favorite snack of my youth and I?ve been dying to make a salt and vinegar flavored treat for you guys!  Luckily, divine culinary intervention happened during my last trip to the local grocery store.  While I was there one of their managers (and one of the nicest people you could ever meet) asked if I knew how to make salt n’ vinegar chicken wings.  She said some...
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