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Vegan Oreo Ice Cream

Indulgently creamy vegan Oreo ice cream ? completely egg free and dairy free, and no ice cream maker required!

This Oreo Ice Cream Can Be:

Egg FreeDairy FreeVeganKetoGluten FreeSugar FreeNut FreePaleo

And just 5 ingredients! It?s perfect for scooping into a cone and eating on a hot summer?s day? or skip the cone and eat it straight from the blender!

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A few months ago, I was invited to a potluck dinner party and when it came time to serve dessert, the host (a vegan) disappeared to the kitchen.

He was holding a big container of Breyer?s non-dairy Oreo ice cream when he returned, which he set down next to all of the cakes and cookies on the dessert table.

Both the vegans and omnivores at the party devoured the contents of the container without ever missing the eggs or dairy.
It was the first time I learned Breyer?s had joined the likes of Haagen Dazs, Halo Top, and Ben & Jerry?s to offer a line of vegan ice cream, and I still marvel at the fact that you can now buy vegan Oreo ice cream in regular grocery stores, because I remember a time when the only option for vegan ice cream was vanilla that honestly tasted nothing like vanilla at all.

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But just because something is vegan doesn?t necessarily mean it?s good for you.

As I learned the hard way in college (does anyone eat a healthy diet in college"), it isn?t t...
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