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Vegan Chocolate Pie

This unbelievably rich and creamy vegan chocolate pie is the ultimate does-not-taste-healthy dessert!

The simple recipe can be:


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Oil Free

NO Coconut Milk!

Serve it at your next party, and don?t be surprised when everyone begs you for the recipe. With fewer than 150 calories per slice, this creamy chocolate pie is a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

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Don?t just take my word for it.

Here are a few of the reviews on Pinterest from readers who tried the recipe:

This pie is freakin’ delicious!!! Tastes like french silk pie? one of our favorite recipes, and we?re not even vegan!I have been making this recipe for years and if I had to choose any one healthy dessert to convince people that vegan desserts can taste amazing, this would be the recipe I’d choose. No one?seriously no one?ever believes me when I tell them the ingredients. Highly highly recommended.The taste of this secretly healthy chocolate pie is like fudge chocolate.Made my own crust with dates and oatmeal, and I love that it?s high in protein. The vegan chocolate pie was a hit, even the non vegan devoured it.
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Melt-In-Your-Mouth Delicious!

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