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Barbecue Brussels Sprouts Tacos

These sweet & savory barbecue brussels sprouts tacos are super easy to make? and it’s a completely plant-based meal!

8 Ingredients
Gluten Free
Soy Free
High Protein
Remember when the only tacos available in restaurants in the US were filled with meat, cheese, and sometimes refried beans" Now we have cauliflower tacos, chickpea tacos, mango tacos, buffalo tacos, sweet potato tacos, breakfast tacos, dessert tacos? I know there are those who argue that ingredients like cauliflower and sweet potatoes have no business being inside a taco, but I am definitely not in that camp! Creativity is one of my favorite parts of food, and tacos are no exception.
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I?ll let you in on a secret: While I could never get tired of eating brownies here at Healthy Dessert Blog Headquarters (also known as my apartment), brownies are not the most exciting food to photograph, especially when there are already over 30 healthy brownies recipes on my blog. But brussels sprouts tacos are a different story entirely! You have so many more colors to work with; so many more options for garnishes (hi limes!); so many more chances to be creative in general. And when the photoshoot is done, dinner is already made. Multitasking!
The recipe for these healthy tacos is super versatile. I like to add black beans to my tacos for protein, but feel free to use your favorite protein or anything you have on hand. And if you want to add roasted sweet potato or sub out the bruss...
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