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Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These homemade banana chocolate chip cookie bars can be made with just a few simple ingredients – NO eggs required!

So… if you’ve already made banana bread 1000 times in the past month and can’t even look at another banana bread, hopefully you will be happy to see a recipe that is NOT BANANA BREAD.

These soft and gooey chocolate chip cookie bars are even better than banana bread, because they’re like combining banana bread batter and classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies.

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Leftover bars (if there are any leftovers!) can even be stored in the freezer, for a ready-to-go treat any time you’re craving homemade chocolate chip cookies.

If you skip the banana bread and make a batch of these banana chocolate chip cookie bars instead, you will not regret it.
The chocolate chip bars can be oil free, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan.

And the best part is that they give you a ton of customization options if you can’t find one or more of the ingredients.

So there’s no excuse not to make them!

(If you reaaalllllly want to make banana bread instead, this Healthy Banana Bread recipe is my favorite.)

Recipe Substitution Notes:

For a non-banana version, you can substitute an equal amount of applesauce, yogurt, or canned pumpkin and increase the sugar to 1 cup.

1/2 cup banana is about one large, but it’s a good idea to buy ...
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